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Final Project Reflection

Final Project

The kind of site I decided to design for the Final Project was a Web Design site (ironic in a way.)

This site ended up being a lot more simple due to it being a business-based website. In a way, it makes it similar to the Travel Project, though each page was shorter due to having multiple, like the Biography Project. It was difficult, due to trying to make it seem professional, but at the same time, it was a fun experience.

Doing picture editing not just for the logo was more fun then I expected, due to the sheer silliness I ended up doing for most of the picture edited ones, especially the "Help Desk" Komodo Dragon. The only real difficulty I had was editing those photos, along with the previously mentioned attempts to be professional, so luckily that means I wasn't struggling that much, though I feel sort of bad for pretending to be a service and using fake info and such.

If I did this again, I might've done a project that needed less pages, since aft…

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